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The Passion of Beauty

by Tuğba Hilal Doruk

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The Passion of Beauty

Why humans are in search of beauty?

The phenomenon of searching for the passion of beauty has been ongoing since the ancient antiqity time. Weither women or men it is a fact that everyone wants to reach beauty.

Beautiful women, handsome men or beautiful things face jealousy which is accepted by society in the name of “Beauty Definition” that everyone wants to have it, thus we called it “The Passion of Beauty”.

Standards of Beauty Changes with Time.

Standards of Beauty Changes with Time.

Since the ancient time nobody is afraid from spending money for the sake of the passion of beauty, weither on the fragrance, furniture, clothes, personal care or ornaments.

Being appreciating, getting society interest, getting jealous of and being liked is a human nature. Those who are in search for the passion of beauty go and find what are the society trends and what people like to apply on themselves.

When you wake up every morning and be happy with the image facing your mirror, it also affects your mental balance to be extremely positive. If you are happy with your physical image, you start to love yourself, in order to reach other people’s heart and thus you get the spiritual satisfaction which is the first step to “success” and “happy”.

Nefertiti, A Pharoah's Wife and Icon of Beauty in Old Egypt.

Nefertiti, A Pharoah’s Wife and Icon of Beauty in Old Egypt.

Being beautiful now is easier than ever through technological advances of our time and transforming the society to a consuming one.

Since the day that human efforts to aesthetic concerns have always been better and look good. Therefore, cosmetic products, cosmetic applications and nowadays tend to navigating an increasingly to plastic surgery practice is quite high. Both popular trends as well as on behalf of thousands every year to follow the name change of the direction in which the operation is carried out physically like aesthetic and cosmetic treatments which are applied to millions of people.

Millions of people are spending on various cosmetic and personal care products for the sake of the passion of beauty. And thanks to technology because it made us non-afraid of being operated since operations got easier with less risks and minimal invasive. Now it is common that people get an aesthetical operation on weekend and continue their life at the beginning of the next week. Furthermore, getting a cosmetic procedure during work’s launch break is so easy.

In a nutshell, the passion of beauty and being beautiful is one of the passions that people cannot leave. Beauty has been searched in the past, today and will be continued in the future.


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A Translation of Güzellik Tutkusu from Turkish by Tuğba Hilal Doruk

Tuğba Hilal Doruk
About Tuğba Hilal Doruk
Having worked in Hair Restoration field for 10 years with multiple hospitals and private doctors.Writting his whole practical experience in this blog.
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The Passion of Beauty
The Passion of Beauty