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There may be questions at present about the penis ability depending on the size and thickness. There are problems like deformations of the penis, short length, little thickness and others… can be resolved through genital aesthetic surgeries. The development of technology today for penis aesthetic surgeries grow day after day. Some of them are: penis enlargement, thickening of the penis, prosthetic penis surgery. In this article we will give some information about the penis thickening surgery.

Penis thickening surgery is performed by request and desire of the patient. There are two methods to perform a penis thickening surgery. The first method is extracting fat from the patient’s own body and then injected into the penis. The second one is the transfer of fat cells and tissues to the penis. The most common method is the first method. Since it’s an easy procedure, it is the most commonly used today. In this method of penis thickening surgery the fat is extracted from the patient’s own body and injected into the penis under the skin instead of using fillers. This operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes about an hour.

Penis becomes more erection in this method in penis thickening surgery.
In the second method of penis thickening, fat cells with tissues are transferred. This tissue makes the penis more thick in the case of an erection. Penis thickening operations in this method are improve the performance of the penis in the case of an erection. This operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 2-3 hours in average. The patient should stay away from sexual intercourse for 4 weeks after the operation.

After the penis thickening surgery (both methods) patients are required to be guests in the hospital for one night after and our patients are available to be discharged the next day. After penis thickening surgery, patient may feel some pain but it can be controlled with the use of painkillers.

Many visitors come to our country to have penis thickening operations from abroad. Turkey’s “Medical Tourism” services are offered under packages. Those packages include; treatment, accommodation and transfer services are available within the city.

Penis thickening surgery requires 6 nights at least stay in Istanbul for guests from abroad. They can go back home and return to their normal life. Our guests receive dense after-care after the operation to check their situation and satisfaction after penis thickening surgery. In addition, that our patient support team are available 7/24 on duty.

Penis Thickening Operation, today is one of the operations carried out frequently.

There are two methods Penis Thickening operation; fat cells transfer and fat tissue transfer.


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