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by Tuğba Hilal Doruk

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Medical Tourism and Instaclinic

Keep calm and fly to Turkey.

Keep calm and fly to Turkey.

Nowadays, people with health problems are searching for treatments not only in their own countries, but also they take other countries with the best treatments services, latest technology, best doctors or/and affordable costs into consideration.

With this mind; travelling between cities/countries in order to get treatment and leisure is called “Medical Tourism”. Thus, while discovering new places and people, patients can get their treatments done with the above mentioned qualities.

Turkey has become one of the bright stars in Medical Tourism sector. In this sense, Turkey’s hospital number has increased and very good medical teams have been formed all with the investments made. Ministry of Health in Turkey is giving interest in this subject through investments, encouragements and support in order to give Turkey a potential role worldwide in Medical Tourism sector. Hereby, offering treatments with latest technological trends started and number of hospitals with International JCI certifications has increased.

Turkish Coffee with a view of the Golden Horn of Istanbul.

Turkish Coffee with a view of the Golden Horn of Istanbul.

We -as Instaclinic under the slogan “An Easier Way to Get Treatment in Turkey”- aim to give best satisfying services for our visitors coming from abroad for Health Tourism. Services we provide to our guests, as well as reliable treatment services, hotel accommodation services, transportation services with local VIP cars, interpretation services and local tourist tours. In this sense, as Instaclinic, offering our guests the highest quality health care with affordable prices is our target. Instaclinic customer representatives work diligently, on behalf of Turkey to help in making it a major Health Tourism destination through the importance of the principle of maximum satisfaction of our guests.

Particularly, cosmetic surgery procedures are the most preferred choice in Health Tourism. Based on this information, as Instaclinic; our guests consult us in plastic surgery, hair transplant, dental treatments and eye surgery with prompt responses to all of your questions.

A cafeteria in Sultanahmet are of Istanbul

A cafeteria in Sultanahmet are of Istanbul

Guests never left to feel alone after getting treatment and return home. As Instaclinic’s family, we are on the patient’s side to answer all the questions might occur after the surgery.

Under the name of Health Tourism, we as Instaclinic make our guests feel home in Turkey by professional and warm services we provide and thus patients satisfyingly return and talk about a pleasant experience.

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A Translation of Medikal Turizmi ve Instaclinic  from Turkish by Tuğba Hilal Doruk

Tuğba Hilal Doruk
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Having worked in Hair Restoration field for 10 years with multiple hospitals and private doctors.Writting his whole practical experience in this blog.
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Medical Tourism and Instaclinic