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by Tuğba Hilal Doruk

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What’s Lumbersexual?

What is Lumbersexual?

What is Lumbersexual?

Lumbersexual is an increasing new fashion trend all over the world. First, Let us see what is Lumbersexual. Lumbersexual does not have an equivalent in most languages that describes it. We can say that it is the lumberjack style. Therefore lumberjack shirts above muscular body, messy hair and long messy facial hair (beard and moustache).

In addition to having an understanding of nature as well as being intertwined hippies and peaceful approach to express with this style, and bring them into the limelight with a mixture of city life, life in the mountains. In spite of that Lumbersexuals appearing masculine attitudes, a Lumbersexual pretend to not give much importance to the external appearance of the city life. In rebellion against overly manicured, which seems like a metrosexual man, in fact, they defend well maintained along with fashion trends.

Lumbersexual men are so attractive.

Lumbersexual men are so attractive.

We mentioned that one of the indispensable Lumbersexual long beard. This indispensable fashion trends are an integral extended bushy beards. In this sense, growing a beard and moustache in a controlled manner has become the most important accessories for Lumbersexuals. All with a long bushy beard that gave stiff image, tough and reassuring looks quite sexy and attractive.


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A Translation of Lumbersexual Nedir?  from Turkish by Tuğba Hilal Doruk

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