Hair Transplant Step by Step


Before Traveling

Online Inquiry

First, our doctors must evaluate your situation by sending photos, report, X-rays and your medical history. It is completely for free, get a consultation now!


Depending on your situation and the travel package you choose, an Instaclinic representative will provide you with a detailed report upon your case in addition to the cost and what it includes.


Booking is done by sending a copy of your flight ticket, it is better if the operation date is discussed by our representative for the assuring the availability.

While in Istanbul

Before Treatment

We welcome you in the airport and take you either to hospital or hotel depending on your landing time. You would be expected at the hotel to have rest for the next big day. In some packages, the next day is free and we will send a chauffeured-car for city’s sightseeing.

Treatment Day

You will be chauffeured from your accommodation place to the hospital to meet again with the doctor and do what must be done directly before the operation. While the operation is taking place you an interpreter will be there to help you with your needs and get the job perfectly done. Then surely we take you back to hotel.

Check-up and Departure

Your check-up will be held in the hospital or hotel room so you will not lose your time in the beautiful city for another hospital visit. Depending on your departure time, we will chauffeur you back to the airport.

After Traveling

Healing Up Process

An Instaclinic representative will keep in touch with until you finish your healing stage providing you with advice and keeping your connection with the doctor for any further help.


Comparing your old photos with the new ones you accept to share will be most important stage to get sure that your experience worth it. Your feedback is also important for us. You can leave your comments at this page.

Up to Date

You will be up-to-date for anything concerning your treatment from news to new offers.


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