Hair Transplant Instructions


Pre-op Hair Transplant Instructions

  • Consuming alcohol to be stopped at 4 days before the operation.
  • Blood thinners like Aspirin to stopped 2 days before the operation.
  • Patient’s medical history form to be check by the doctor.
  • Wearing comfortable clothes like a shirt with buttons is preferred for it is easy to be taken on and off.
  • Stomach to be full before the operation.
  • Caffeinated drinks are forbidden before the operation day.
  • Cigarettes number should be decreased to the least possible number.
  • Do not have your hair cut until the operation date; we will cut for you before operation.

Post-op Hair Transplant Instructions

Medicince Consuption:

  • Klamok Anti-biotic: 5 days consuption, 2 pills a days (morning – evening)
  • Parol Painkiller: If pain occurs.
  • Prednol for Swelling: 5 days, 1 pill a day.

Serious Note: All pills must be take on a full stomach

Panthenol Usage and Hair Wash Plan:

Panthenol Spray should be sprayed on the transplanted and donor area in a soft way and wait for 1 hour, then wash it with a warm water and without using your hands (only the soft water flow), it is preferred not to dry the head.

10 days after the operation you MUST rub the transplanted area using your finger tips with a circular movements aiming to get rid of the scabs, before that you will stay under in hot shower for 30 minutes to make the scabs limp, thus, their removal will be easier (hair will fall with scabs there is no need to worry). For two months you have to use a shampoo that has Ph 5.5 like Sebamed or Johnson’s Baby. After those two months you can use and shampoo you want. During those two months transplanted hair will fall (no worries) because it will start to grow again in 4 months and you’ll get your final results 12 months after the operation.

How to Sleep and Cover the Head:

You must sleep on your back for 10 days, after the tenth day you can sleep as you like.
In the first 5 days it is reccommended to put an icebag on your forhead for 8 – 10 times a day to reduce any possible swelling.
You can wear the hat we gave you in the first 10 days until the scabs are gone, but it is preferrable not to be wore as possible (at home, in car, in office etc.).
You can remove the headband every two hours for 3 minutes by pulling it down to neck, head must be up.


Sex for 7 days, Sauna, Solarium, dye, hair styling products for 2 months and sports for 20 days


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