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Hair Transplant FAQs

Based on variety of cultures, patient needs vary and though to frequently asked questions.

Here are some of common questions we are asked by our English speaking visitors. For more information about how the medical tourism thing works, please click here.

Does hair transplantation leave any scars?

No, since we do it with FUE technique which leaves no any visible scar.

Is hair transplant operation painful?

Anesthesia injections might be painful and it differentiates due to your pain tolerance. Anyway, it lasts for a few minutes and then the pain is gone. If have Trypanophobia (Fear of Needles) you can opt to be sedated while having them.

Is hair transplant thing guaranteed?

Yes, it is guaranteed. Thus, the success rate of hair transplant is divided between the medical team and yourself. The rule you play is just to follow the instructions which is followed by most of the patients by default. We provide you with a written certificate to ensure your right of refund of corrective surgery if an unlikely dissatisfaction happened.

Will I lose my transplanted hair in the future?

No, but sometimes when chemotherapy is used.

When can I turn back to my normal routine?

You will continue your normal life after hair transplant in the next day. But within 10 days there will not be any mark that you had the operation.

Who performs the operations in your clinic?

You will have a plastic surgeon, trichologists and their leader. The plastic surgeon will direct the operation and help in some sensitive stages and the rest will implement.

How long does hair transplant operation lasts?

Depending on the size of your targeted area and your hair type it may last between 4 to 8 hours.

How many night should I stay in Istanbul for hair transplant operation?

Three nights are fair enough but it could be less.

Can people notice that I have had a hair transplant operation?

Well nobody can notice that if you had it with a devoted team, though people who work in hair transplant field may notice.

When can I do sport later to hair transplant operation?

10 days after the operation.

Can I cover my head after hair transplant operation?

The day later to your operation though a special hat we provide.


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