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by Tuğba Hilal Doruk

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There are many factors of failed hair transplant but the failure ratio does not exceed 5%. The most important of these reasons are:أسباب فشل عملية زراعة الشعر

– Follicles do not have adequate blood supply to grow. This happens in areas of scar tissue that do not have good blood supply as normal scalp. The typical yield in this case is high but it is not 100% and will vary from patient to patient.

– If there is no growth by 6-8 months, the cause is usually malpractice by medical team. Overly dense packing could be one of these causes.

– The lack of growth is probably secondary to not following the post-operative instructions. This is the main reason hair transplanting failures according to opinion of Dr. Adel Quttaineh the advisor of Toronto Hair Institute.

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Tuğba Hilal Doruk
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Having worked in Hair Restoration field for 10 years with multiple hospitals and private doctors.Writting his whole practical experience in this blog.
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Failed Hair Transplant Reasons