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by Tuğba Hilal Doruk

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B.B.C conducted an opinion poll about the effects of baldness on personal life and psychological state especially between men. They found about ratio 70% who suffering from baldness affected by psychological state for many reasons:

– Baldness makes men feel in personality disorder and that there is something of the lost beauty.

– When a young man decides to marry and he does not have any defect except baldness, he may not be able to marry because of baldness as happened with many gentlemen.

– The problem is when you see your girlfriend at first time, what could you tell her? I forgot my hair on the laundry when I was washing my face. I hope many hospitals built in a lot of countries to make free hair transplanting for men.

– Baldness makes you look older among people.

– Baldness makes a man feel that he is unacceptable by others more often. Baldness even affect on his future.

– Men like to seem handsome and When they find that their hair falling down day after day; this falls them in concern especially if they are not married. I find a lot of my colleagues (friends) are suffering from this problem.

Effects of BaldnessA Lady talked about the reason for acceptance of her husband and she said: He was the most handsome of God’s creation of human beings and he used to have a beautiful hair, which was a wonderful beauty crown over his head.

Everyday Health journal had Published that hair lose can result in a loss of self-esteem and cause depression, anxiety and other emotional issues. Besides of when a woman loses her hair or has a bald spot or thinning hair, she believes she is no longer attractive.

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Effects of Baldness and Hair Loss