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Alcohol Effects on Hair

by Tuğba Hilal Doruk

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Alcohol and hair transplant are considered an issue most of the time because alcohol thinners the blood and can interfere with anesthesia (though this is less of a concern in modern hair restoration surgery), your surgeon probably does not want you to drink before the procedure because of potential bleeding complications.

Specialist recommend that 2 days of zero alcohol consumption is enough time to clear the system, but if your hair restoration surgeon said not to drink for seven days before the procedure, You should follow his/her instructions.

Additionally, although alcohol is generally known for dilating (widening/allowing more flow) peripheral blood vessels, it’s actually been shown to constrict the flow of blood to areas like the head/scalp (though the instantaneous and changing patterns are difficult to comprehend), which is not advantageous to proper healing after a hair transplant procedure. Because of the dilation/constriction issues and the potential for excessive post-operative bleeding, most hair transplant surgeons recommend zero alcohol consumption for 3 days after the operation.

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Alcohol Effects on Hair
Alcohol and Hair Transplant