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Instaclinic applies strict and professional policies with its own staff. Service providers are certified by the Joint Commission International and have extensive experience with foreign patients.

Multiple Packages

Instaclinic gives you many choices for any procedure you want depending on your budget.


Instaclinic doctors are very attentive to the outright peace of mind of patients. Corrective surgeries or refunds are given in the case of an unlikely dissatisfaction.

Why Us?

Millions of men and women are affected by hair loss, extra weight, unsatifactory nose or many other appearance problems. Fortunately, with Instaclinic, you can benefit from many effective procedures. The difference you will experience with us is our personal touch and individual care. Whether you are having a cosmetic procedure or hair transplant, we are there to cater to you completely. Having served thousands of patients like yourself for years, we are very familiar with your needs.

We have a well-informed idea of what your questions and concerns may be, and we are ready to address them. We are also aware of the need for psychological care and in some cases, cultural sensitivity and we know how to support you in these areas as well. Along with your physical, psychological and cultural needs, we also satisfy your need for mental gratification and provide stellar tourism services of differing levels depending on your package. We guarantee to send you home, relaxed, enriched, and aesthetically enhanced.

For More Information

Our Services


Instaclinic provides visitors with accommodation services 5 star hotel depending on your choice. All of the hotels are located in the area where the treatment will take place.


Transportation between airport, hotel and hospital are provided by our comfortable and modern cars. In some packages, a chauffeured all-day sightseeing option is also available.

Translation Services

You will have 24 hour access to an interpreter throughout your stay via a local cellular phone we provide, and they will be at your side during all your appointments.

After Care

All necessary check-ups during your stay are arranged with the transportation service. In addition, a representative will be assigned to your case for continued follow-up after you return home and until you receive your results.

Value for your Money

We provide you with the best quality services available. We understand the large emotional and financial investment you are making and handle your case accordingly. Most importantly there will never be any hidden costs.

State of the Art Equipment

We guarantee the use of the most advanced and modern equipment for your treatments, and provide all serial numbers and used item boxes for your verification.

Share Your Concern With Us

Professional Staff

Medically and institutionally well trained personnel with 3000 patients experience are always there to help before, during and after your travel experience with us.

Leave your name, contact info and your inquiry, and a representative will call you as soon as possible to answer your questions and give you all necessary details.

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