TDF Hair Transplant (Two Days FUE)



In FUE technique, if there are too much balding areas in the head of the patients, they are ought to cover all the spaces with 2 or 3 sessions every 6 months. But now, if it is convenient for the patient’s donor area, two consecutive days with FUE technique makes it possible to cover all gaps in two sessions but in one journey. With this new technique patients do not need to wait at least six months for the second session. But the point to be underlined here is that the patient’s donor structure must suitable for TDF hair transplant. Maximum of grafts number can be 7000 and it means approximately between 12000 – 15000 hair.

Hair transplant is the permanent treatment for baldness and hair loss problem. Lots of men suffer from hair loss for many reasons, either for reasons of genetic or stress and tension that occurs in our daily life, they may become unconfident and not satisfied for their appearance. Hair Transplant is the absolute and final solution for hair loss problem and unconfident. If the hair was thin or there was a decline in hairline or hair loss problem…. whatever the problems are hair transplant is the final solution.

The modern technique used in hair transplant is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. FUE technique briefly is follicles extraction from the back of the head which is called the donor area by a device called micro motor, then canals opening in balding areas, the last step is inserting the follicles in their places. Hair transplant by FUE technique is not painful.
In FUE technique if the patient has large baldness area, he needs one or two sessions after 6 months to cover the whole baldness area. But if the patient’s donor area is good, it is possible to do TDF Hair Transplant (Two Days FUE) and the entire bald area will be covered.

There’s no need in TDF Hair Transplant (Two Days FUE) to wait six months for the second session, the patient can do Two Days FUE transplant if the donor area is good. It can be in TDF Hair Transplant (Two Days FUE) to extract 7,000 follicles and this number is roughly equal to 12.000- 15.000 hair.

FUE technique is used in TDF Hair Transplant (Two Days FUE), it is possible by this technique to reach the required number (7000 follicles). TDF Hair Transplant (Two Days FUE) is performed under local anesthesia and takes about 5-6 hours. After hair transplant patient may feel some pain, but it can be controlled by using painkillers. After the operation the patient can return to normal life. The patient in TDF Hair Transplant (Two Days FUE) does not need to stay in the hospital.

Many visitors come to our country to have TDF Hair Transplant (Two Days FUE) from abroad. Turkey’s “Medical Tourism” services are offered under packages. Those packages include; treatment, accommodation and transfer services are available within the city.

TDF Hair Transplant (Two Days FUE) requires 4 nights stay in Istanbul for guests from abroad. They can go back home and return to their normal life. Our guests receive dense after-care after the operation to check their situation and satisfaction after the TDF Hair Transplant (Two Days FUE). In addition, that our patient support team are available 7/24 on duty.

If the patient's donor convenient, TDF Hair Transplant will be happen two days a row with FUE technique (TDF) made it possible closing all the gaps.

TDF Hair Transplant (Two Days FUE), the maximum amount of grafts that could be extracted is 7000 grafts. This is about 12,000 – 15,000 single hairs.

Before & After


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Hair Transplant Operation Animated

TDF Hair Transplant (Two Days FUE) in Numbers


Maximum Graft Amount

up to 7.000 grafts


Healing Stage

Lasts 11 days


Operation Length

Between 4 to 8 hours


Hair Starts to Grow After

After 4 Months


Nights in Istanbul

Could be 3 if necessary


Final Results

Seven months later

What to Expect


  • Firstly, your photos and medical history must be forwarded to the surgical team handling your procedure.
  • The day prior to your transplantation, a blood test and your blood pressure will be taken.
  • The above information will be used to assess if you are suitable for the operation.
  • the day of your procedure, lines will be drawn based on previous consultation and plans.
  • You, the patient, will have the final decision on the lines drawn. In some cases, patient changes made to the surgeon’s suggested plans will require waiver be signed.
  • A full hair shave or partial one will take a place and your clothes will be changed.


  • Anesthesia: Local anesthesia will be administered.
  • Grafting and Transplantation: While lying face down, up to 5,000 grafts will be extracted from the donor area according to the FUE Technique. Between grafting and transplantation, the hair strands are kept alive in an isotonic solution. Then, a special needle will be used to open channels, and the strands will be transferred.
  • Length: The operation takes 4-10 hours, with a lunch break.
  • Pain: Patients describe the procedure as uncomfortable rather than painful, though the length of time it takes requires a high tolerance to boredom.
  • The next day same steps will be applied.


  • Density of Transplant: Grafts are transplanted 45-55 per centimeter square, and in appropriate angles for a natural look.
  • Healing: Prednol will be given for the swelling. In addition, painkillers and antibiotics be prescribed, all of which should be taken for 10 days following the operation. There will also be a spray provided that should be used for 7 days after the procedure. An aftercare kit could be provided in some packages for 3 – 6 months usage.
  • Healing Time: Healing time depends on your skin type, but the grafts take root quickly and redness settles in about 10 days.


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