What is Presbyopia?

To achieve the Intact vision, coming light from outside must be concentration on retina, and must be broken by cornea and eye lens, but by the time the eye lens loses its flexibility, Presbyopia appears a result of this create a blurred image, the losing of cornea flexibility associated with the patient’s age and declining ability to focus on nearby objects.

What are the reasons of Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a physiological disorder appear as a result of aging, Presbyopia is shown, especially in the age between 35-40 and continued to progress up to 60 years, this problem can appear with any person as a result of aging, and keep advance as standard, for example starting from age 35-40 years, the difficulty of seeing things close up more than one degree +1 every 10 years, But the problem is increasing the number of grades, where increasing +2 degrees  after the age of fifty, and increased +3 degrees  In the age of sixty. This is statistical information.

What are the Symptoms of Presbyopia?

The first signs of Presbyopia are the discomfort of reading small print writings at the age of 35-40, or discomfort when reading for long periods or tired quickly When focus for long time, and the eye can read sections when its distancing. The people who have Presbyopia suffering from blurred vision, when approaching objects more than 50 CM.

How is Presbyopia Treated?

There are several common methods that are used in the treatment of Presbyopia. As the most widely used therapies in the treatment; multifocal intraocular lens surgery, presbyLASIK, and Corneal Inlay (Karma), the doctor who decide the best operation according to the patient’s situation.

in multifocal intraocular lens operations, the eye lens that have lost their flexibility and effectiveness Is replaced with another manufactured, one of the multifocal eye surgery advantages is to reduce the risk of Presbyopia to zero percent.

Presbyopia multifocal intraocular lens operation is a fairly simple process that applied under local anesthesia. the operation and the preparation lasting about 1 – 1.5 hours and then the Patient can be back to normal social life, after the operation the patient should use the collyriums that prescribed by the doctor carefully.

presbyLASIK is Presbyopia treatment by using laser, as in laser operations, the corneal layer is modified by laser beams to be enable to see near objects, but Presbyopia processor that way might carry the risk of not back down, so it cannot be described for all patients.  only the doctor can to determine this method to patients.

Corneal Inlay (Karma): Presbyopia Cannot be treated by surgery of current lens, but a micro implant placing on the outermost layer of the cornea, and thus operation ends. the placed implants are called kamran inlay, it is one of the newest and most successful method.

Presbyopia treatment with Instaclinic

Many visitors come to our country to have Presbyopia treated from abroad. Turkey’s “Medical Tourism” services are offered under packages. Those packages include; treatment, accommodation and transfer services are available within the city.
Presbyopia treated operation requires one week at least stay in Istanbul for guests from abroad. They can go back home and return to their normal life. Our guests receive dense after-care after the Presbyopia treated to check their situation and satisfaction after Presbyopia treated. In addition, that our patient support team are available 7/24 on duty.


In the condition that is called Presbyopia, the lens of the eye loses its flexibility due to ageing and thus causing a decrease in capacity of the closer focus.

Presbyopia discomfort starts between the ages of 35-40, and it will continue to be promoted up to 60 years of age.

What is Presbyopia?


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