What is the Lasik?

Lasik operation is one of the most common procedure to correct defects in vision, such as Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism.

The goal of treatment by Lasik is getting rid of wearing glasses and contact lenses. By Lasik we can treat Myopia up to 12 degrees, Hyperopia up to 6 degrees and Astigmatism.

The surgeon cuts a thin layer from the surface of the cornea using a special device called microkeratome, then the laser beams remove flap from the under tissue of the cornea.

The word “Lasik” is an acronym for (Laser-assisted in keratomileusis). Lasik developed in 1989 by Lucio Buratto. After a year of 1990; Ionnis Pallikaris has allowed to cut a thin layer of the cornea by laser. This method is used today in modern Lasik surgery.

What are the Lasik advantages?

– The patient can get rid of wearing glasses and contact lenses within 5-10 minutes by Lasik.

– The treatment gives quick results.

– Modern and safe treatment without any risks.

– Comfortable treatment, because the patient does not need to put gauze (dressing) on the eyes after the operation.

– There is no need to stay in the hospital after the treatment.

What to pay attention to before Lasik operation?

– The candidate for Lasik should do some tests before the operation. Tests are measure diameter of pupil, thickness of the cornea and the visual acuity, if all of them were good; the candidate could hold the operation.

-Soft contact lenses are forbidden at least one week before the operation, but if the contact lenses are semisolid; it is forbidden at least 3 weeks before the operation.

How Lasik operation is performed?

Lasik is performed by two steps, in the first step are the surgeon cuts a thin layer from the surface of the cornea using a special device called microkeratome, this layer is called the flap. The thickness of this flap between 110-180 microns depending on type of the device. In the second step the layer is still a side and the application of laser in the middle of the cornea to get rid of the defect of vision. Surface layer of the cornea is returned to its place and stick within seconds, thus Lasik operation has been completed.

What to pay attention to after Lasik operation?

– Using the eye drops prescribed by the doctor after the operation regularly.

– The patient may feel some burning and tears in the eye in the first day after Lasik, this reaction is quietly normal and will fade after a day of operation.

– The patient should not rub the eye after the operation.

– The patient should not wash the eyes with water during the first day after the operation.

– Avoiding make-up on the eyes during the first day after the operation.

– Vision may be blurred during the first day after Lasik, but this temporary and it will fade within a few days.

Who is a good candidate for Lasik operation?

Lasik can be performed for individual over the age of 18 and the degree of vision has not been changed in the last year before the operation, in some cases Lasik cannot be performed and we will explain in the next paragraph the reasons for that.

Who is not a good candidate for Lasik operation?

– Lasik is not suitable for who has Keratoconus.

– Depending on the degree of vision, it should be within the following limits: Myopia 12 degrees, Hyperopia 6 degrees.

– Who has a thin cornea, corneal thickness must be 500 microns at a minimum.

– If pupil’s diameter was large.

– In case of infection in the eye.

– In case of dryness in the eye.

– Pregnant and breastfeeding.

– If there is a tear or retinal detachment.

Lasik with Instaclinic

Many visitors come to our country to have Lasik operations from abroad. Turkey’s “Medical Tourism” services are offered under packages. Those packages include; treatment, accommodation and transfer services are available within the city.
Lasik operation requires 2 nights at least stay in Istanbul for guests from abroad. They can go back home and return to their normal life. Our guests receive dense after-care after the operation to check their situation and satisfaction after Lasik operation. In addition, that our patient support team are available 7/24 on duty.

Lasik surgery is a safe and a modern method which is widely performed nowadays.

Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism are healed by Lasik Operastion.



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