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What is Eye Ptosis?

The eyes are the most noticeable organ in the face region, So, the problems that affect the eyes are mostly concerned people in the health and aesthetic point. One of the most common problems That we find is the Eye Ptosis, this problem is prolapse one of the upper eyelids or both eyes.

Usually when looked to the eye from the front, the region above the pupil about mm1 -2 be covered by Eyelids, but if the dimensions more that, and if the Eyelids cover about mm 5 – 4, or they obstruct the vision, that indicates incidence the Eye Ptosis. Eye Ptosis is a genetic common disease, seen more in newborn children, and the elderly or who had serious trauma after the injury or had brain damage.

The Eye Ptosis, which seen at newborns arises as a result of Eyelid muscle growth disorder, as for Eye Ptosis that appears with aging, it is occurring as a result of the loss of muscle elasticity.

What are the causes of Eye Ptosis?

The most common causes of Eye Ptosis are that occur Since birth as a result of lack of muscle growth that lifts the upper eyelid to the eye.

The second common reason for Eye Ptosis is the loss the elasticity of levator eyelid muscle by aging, as a result of the inability of the muscle to work as in the past, the upper eyelid droops down and prolapse causing a narrowing of the sight.

One of the other reasons to eyelid prolapse is the damage to the nerves, in this case it is called Horner’s syndrome, Horner’s syndrome Seen in the face and eye areas, the causes of this syndrome are Traumas that may affect the nervous system and muscular, Eye Ptosis could happen as a result of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

What is the treatment of Eye Ptosis?

To determine the treatment of the Eye Ptosis, first it is necessary to look at the factors that cause this problem. If the Eye Ptosis caused by traumatic brain injury or spinal cord or as a result of a chronic disease such as diabetes, Or As a result of paralysis, should first Treat the current situation and control it by the doctor. So, we first have to conducting detailed tests to look for the reasons that led to the emergence of the problem of Eye Ptosis, and conducting detailed eye tests and recorded it in the clinical history of the patient.

As for Eye Ptosis resulting from the genetic cause since birth or associated with lack of growth levator muscle of the eyelid or as a result of the loss of levator muscle elasticity due to aging, in this case the problem could treat surgical methods by means of intervention in the muscle tissue and tackle the problem of Eye Ptosis.

Eye Ptosis operation is performed under local anesthesia, and the patient can customize just one day to operation, could then come back to the home, and next day the patient invited to conduct the examination.

Eye Ptosis treatment with Instaclinic

Many visitors come to our country to have Eye Ptosis operation from abroad. Turkey’s “Medical Tourism” services are offered under packages. Those packages include; treatment, accommodation and transfer services are available within the city.
Eye Ptosis operation requires 3 nights at least stay in Istanbul for guests from abroad. They can go back home and return to their normal life. Our guests receive dense after-care after the Eye Ptosis operation to check their situation and satisfaction after Eye Ptosis operation. In addition, that our patient support team are available 7/24 on duty.

Ptosis disease as well as having congenital reasons, it may also occur due to aging.

In the treatment of Ptosis disease, causing factors should be examined in detail.

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